We're Not A Software Factory; In fact We're the Anti-Factory

Traditional software factories have reverse incentives and developers suffer the consequences: work extra for less rewards. We work in a better way. Our business model is aligned with you: as you get paid more, we get paid more.

We work only as core members of product teams in the US and you get more growth opportunities: our team mates lead teams at US partners, apply for management with partners, help pitch investors with partners and lead at Austin Software itself. Also, no intermediaries between you and US partners: work directly with their engineering teams.

And even so, if you're a great developer but it doesn't work out with a partner: You remain as an Austin Software employee and you'll join a new partner you like!

How we work: we don't track your hours - flexible work from home - new Macbook Pros - work on products long term - work directly with teams in the US.

If you're tired of the traditional software model, and if you consider yourself the best among your peer, apply to join us!

Operation Manager


  • Experience in business intelligence, business analytics or data analysis positions.
  • High intermediate or advanced level of English.

Desired Skills:

  • Computer Science or related university degree.
  • Ability to make decisions, strategic thinking, and conflict resolution.
  • Ability to create, develop and implement processes.
  • Identify problems and address them as growth potentials.
  • Experience in leadership and mentoring positions, empowering and encouraging teams to achieve group and individual goals.
  • Excellent communication skills (fostering communication between different areas).
  • Budgeting and strategic planning.
  • Ability to negotiate with partners.